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HDR on line through the fusion of two or three differently exposed pictures

This page allows create HDR images by merging two or three photos exposed in a different way (using a two steps approach even up to nine pictures), in order to obtain a final more realistic image than the initial ones. Although it is not HDR in the strict sense, the resulting picture is an HDR image in a broad sense (HDR is the the acronym for High Dynamic Range), since it equivalentas to what you would get from a sensor with a greater dynamic range, with a better signal to noise ration in the darker parts and which doesn't saturate in the brighter part. The tecnique used here is, to be more precise, Exposure fusion, described in comparison to proper HDR on the pages Exposure Fusion: What is it? How does it Compare to HDR? How Do I Do It? and HDR Tone Mapping vs. Exposure Fusion (What’s the Difference and Does it Matter?).
For a description of the approach to the problem used here and for the instructions for this page look on the pages The default values are the ones which proved to be the best in most cases!
The Filter against luminosity inversion allows to avoid, when the Mixed interpolative method is applied, that in certain dark parts the final image is even darker. In few rare cases the final result can be better without the filter.
The pictures you can find in the section What to see in Milan: Less known treasures of art and history have almost all obtained from two starting pictures fused using the algorythm contained in this page.
Note: If you want to let the system calculate the shift using a customized rectangle, click once on the high lights picture to begin it and click twice to close it!
Attention: If you use too large pictures (like > 16Mp) it can cause an error!
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Creare immagini HDR on line attraverso la fusione di due o tre foto
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