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Englischer Titel: TEX. 70 YEARS OF A LEGEND

Foto 03/09/2015 - o
02/10/2018 - 27/01/2019: Humanistic/artistic cultural events Exhibitions

Nur englische Beschreibung:

Curated by Gianni Bono, historian and scholar of Italian comics, in collaboration with the editorial staff of Sergio Bonelli Editore, the exhibition will tell how Tex managed, year after year, not only to become part of Italian reading habits, conquering generations different, from 1948 to today, thanks to his deep sense of justice and his innate generosity, but also to become a hero and a real phenomenon of custom, a name that needs no introduction.

In the 70 years of its history, Tex, the adventurer, the ranger, the wise chief of the Navajos Indians, lived epic and memorable stories, faced bandits and evildoers and rescued unjustly persecuted Indian tribes, rode on the dusty trails of the old West , as in the burning deserts of Mexico and in the cold regions of the Great North. And unforgettable, of course, are the challenges with his everlasting enemy: Mephisto, the incarnation of evil. Now, thanks to drawings, photographs, rare materials and sometimes never seen before and through themed installations created specifically for this event, the exhibition TEX. 70 YEARS OF A LEGEND, the most important tribute ever dedicated to L'Aquila della Notte, will retrace the epic of Tex Willer, which is also that of the American Frontier, from its creation to the present day, through the events and characters of the series and extraordinary artists of the pencil and the brush that have made Tex the myth that we all know.


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