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Foto 28/11/2015 - o
12/05/2023 - 19/11/2023: Exhibitions

Nur englische Beschreibung:


With over 200 photographs, Amazônia aims to offer total immersion in the Amazon forest, inviting us to reflect on the need to protect it.

The exhibition develops around two themes. The first consists of photographs of landscape settings, placed at different heights and presented in different formats, with sections ranging from the Overview of the forest in which the Amazon seen from above is presented to the visitor, to The flying rivers, one of the most extraordinary and at the same time least known feature of the rainforest, namely the large amount of water that rises towards the atmosphere.

The second group of images is dedicated to the various indigenous populations immortalized by Salgado with the photographs collected in spaces that recall the "ocas", typical indigenous dwellings, vividly evoking the small and isolated human settlements in the heart of the jungle. Thanks to Salgado we can thus get to know the Awá-Guajá, who have only 450 members and are considered the most threatened tribe on the planet, or the Yawanawá, who, on the verge of disappearing, have regained control of their lands and the diffusion of their culture , thriving, up to the Korubo, among the tribes with the least external contacts.


From 7 to 16 euro

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Wo: Fabbrica del Vapore - via G. C. Procaccini 4