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Englischer Titel: RAFFAELLO 2020

Foto 20/10/2019 - o
04/10/2019 - 02/02/2020: Humanistic/artistic cultural events Exhibitions

Nur englische Beschreibung:

The heart of the multimedia sensory journey through 5 rooms, lasting a total of about 75 minutes, is the immersive area: here it unfolds 360 degrees, from the floor, to the walls to the ceiling of the room, an unprecedented 45-minute story that illustrates the story of Raffaello, his works and the places where he was born and he realized his artistic production. Through immersive video mapping the viewer will be literally lowered into those sixteenth-century places, which will be "revived" through animations, sets, sounds and colors, thus recreating the historical and geographical context within which the Raphaelesque works will be recreated .

Raffaello 2020 is not a simple exhibition, but a real multimedia story, which guides the audience on an emotional and immersive journey through the works, projects and personal story of Raffaello, creating a path that follows the life of the master, starting from birth in Urbino in 1483 until the early death at the Papal Court in Rome in 1520.


Read more in the external link and on the web site of the exposition!

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Wo: Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente - via Filippo Turati, 34 – 20121 – Milano