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Weinausflug nach Pietra de Giorgi und Arena Po

Foto 18/06/2023 - Weinausflug nach Pietra de Giorgi und Arena Po
Foto 18/06/2023 - Weinausflug nach Pietra de Giorgi und Arena Po
Foto 18/06/2023 - Weinausflug nach Pietra de Giorgi und Arena Po
Foto 18/06/2023 - Weinausflug nach Pietra de Giorgi und Arena Po
Foto 18/06/2023 - Weinausflug nach Pietra de Giorgi und Arena Po
18/06/2023: Visits to art places Culinary Events

Nur englische Beschreibung:

Fourth episode of the series Oenological trips, ie trips aimed at combining the discovery of Italian villages and towns with the tasting of wines at the cellars that produce them.

This time we will return to Pietra de Giorgi (Pavia), where, in the first part of the trip, we will taste the production of the Giulio Ferraris Agricultural company.
Then we will visit the nearby town of Arena Po to discover its cultural heritage.

The idea is to be on the spot late in the morning, or for 11.30 approx. There will therefore be the time to visit the cellar and its vineyards to know its history and appreciate the panoramic views that the Oltrepò offers in quantity.
The company produces the typical grapes of the area: Pinot Nero, Pinot Grigio, Barbera, Croatina and Riesling.
More details: Giulio Ferraris Agricultural Company - Company
The tasting will take place at lunchtime and will coincide with it. The wines will be tasted together with typical products of the area, known as well as for wines but also for the excellent cured meats, and with dishes prepared ad hoc.
Here the menu in detail:

Forfait price of tasting with buffet of typical products: 25 euros.
For those who want it will then be possible to order extras, both of wine and cutting you at affordable prices.

Some examples of the Giulio Ferraris Agricultural company:

Pinot grigio DOC (Linea Quarti)


Pinot Nero Spumante Brut metodo classico DOCG (Linea Quarti)

"69" Pinot Nero Spumante Brut DOC (Linea Quarti)

Rosso fuoco DOC (Linea Quarti)


Barbera frizzante DOC (Linea Classici)

Barbera DOC (Linea Classici)

Stradella is a town in approx. 11000 inhabitants in the province of Pavia.
Of medieval origins, the original village was located on a low hill immediately south of the current town, in correspondence with what is today the fraction of Montalino. It is only around the thirteenth century that the current Stradella takes over, as a urban center, on Montalino, which slowly reduces to a simple fraction of the municipality of Stradella, while retaining its military importance. Since the middle of the eleventh century Montalino with Stradella (cited as Stratella in 1029) belonged to the episcopal properties of the diocese of Pavia, indeed constituting the most important center of the lordship. In 1164 he passed with the Oltrepò under the Pavese jurisdiction, however continuing, under it, being property of the diocese. The lordship of the bishop, count of Stradella, ceased in 1797 with the abolition of feudalism.

What to see in Arena Po:

  • Castle (Fig. 3): These are the remains of a large fortress of the fourteenth century built above an even older one of the eighth century. Unfortunately, the subsequent events and the state of abandonment in which for a long time it has paid significantly damaged, and partly destroyed, the structures. Today it can therefore only be visited externally.

  • Rocchetta: The current "Rocchetta" is a 19th century building built on the site of a pre -existing castle, a time of the Olivetani, in turn variously remodeled in the following era.

  • Church of San Giorgio (Fig. 4): The church of San Giorgio Martire, commonly indicated as the church of San Giorgio, is a church of Romanesque plant. Dating back to the eleventh century and partially reconstructed in the thirteenth century, then modified over the centuries, its original appearance was restored with the restorations carried out in 1930; However, the major apse retains a Baroque style.

  • Church of San Rocco (Fig. 5):

  • Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie:

A meeting will be at the Sondrio undergound station of the MM3 at 9.45 to split up on the cars.
Anyone who wants can of course join us on site later!

Anyone wishing to participate should confirm at least 3/4 days in advance by mail to also attaching a mobile phone number!

Return to Milan for dinner or after dinner, depending on the inclinations of the participants!

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Wo: Pietra de Giorgi - Frazione Quarti, 17, 27040 Pietra De' Giorgi PV