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Englischer Titel: Royal Dalì

Foto 29/10/2014 - o
07/12/2019 - 07/12/2021: Humanistic/artistic cultural events Exhibitions

Nur englische Beschreibung:

Starting from Saturday 7 December 2019 for two years, the Belvedere floor of the fascinating Villa Reale opens its doors to the master Salvador Dalì.

An exhibition of over 270 works, where surrealism comes to life in the most disparate themes, religion, Italian and international literature, poetry, love and philosophy.
The journey into the maze of the unconscious that begins with the tables of the Biblia Sacra, combining the sacred with Dalinian symbolism, a return to faith with a mystical and profound flavor.

William Shakespeare's tragedy comes to life in the 10 plays that transport the visitor into the whirlwind of the troubled love of Romeo and his beloved Juliet.

The beauty of the Belvedere room is further enriched by the works drawn from the alchemy of philosophers, an analysis of the mysterious alchemical technique enclosed in splendid parchments, adorned with precious stones specially chosen by the artist in the process of construction.

The theme of religion is resumed with the Pater Noster, the basic prayer of Christianity and fundamental for the redeemed soul of Salvador Dalì.

The Faggio and Platano rooms, recommended for adults, show us the erotic side of the Catalan artist's style, where the memoirs of Giacomo Casanova and the poems of Tristan Corbière's "Amori Gialli" bring us closer to the nuances of carnal love, physical and courteous on the one hand, and obligatorily platonic on the other.

The Divine Comedy, the Italian cultural pillar, is elaborated in a psychoanalytic key where demons, sinners, penitents and pure souls populate the scene, accompanying Dante, Virgilio, Beatrice and the visitor himself on a journey into the three kingdoms, full of hope, effort and joy .

An introspective dedicated to the great surrealist artist, who reveals himself, in his most personal and hidden aspects, through this wonderful series of works.


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Wo: Villa Reale di Monza - Viale Brianza,1 20052 Monza MB