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Oriomosso (Biella)- Pila Belvedere

Foto Pila Belvedere -  of landscape value
Foto Pila Belvedere -  of landscape value
Foto Pila Belvedere -  of landscape value
Foto Pila Belvedere -  of landscape value
Foto Pila Belvedere -  of landscape value
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Places  of landscape value in the Biella area: Pila BelvedereThe Pila Belvedere (980 m) is located in the lower part of Oriomosso, a village which until a few years ago was a commune for its own, but now is a fraction of the commune of Campiglia Cervo.
Oriomosso is divided into two parts: one upper part, comprising most of the houses, and the lower one, which includes a few houses and the cemetery. The latter is placed in a panoramic position on a protrusion of the mountain stretching towards the center of the valley, namely Mount Pila. From the cemetery or from the small square in front of the entrance, when it is closed, it is therefore possible to enjoy a panoramic view that includes the whole upper part of the Cervo Valley.

Among the many villages and fractions that are visible from the belvedere, we want to mention in particular Campiglia Cervo, or rather, the proper town of Campiglia Cervo (Fig. 1), the Sanctuary of San Giovanni of Andorno (Fig. 3), the neo-Gothic Villa Piatti in Roreto, with its characteristic tower (Fig. 4), the upper part of Oriomosso itself (Fig. 2).
The cemetery itself is worthy of note, beeing it a monumental cemetery, though very small in size. Characteristic is the circular window of polychrome glasses, recognizable even from far away.

It should be noted that the two parts of Oriomosso are connected only by trails and mule tracks, to go from one to the other by car you have to take a very long ride.
The lower part can be reached starting from the fraction Balma, on the road Biella-Piedicavallo, through a winding and rather narrow road, the upper part is reachable from the Zegna Panoramic Road.

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45.650863, 8.019465
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Oriomosso (Biella, Italy): Upper Cervo Valley seen from the Pila Belvedere
Oriomosso (Biella, Italy): Sight from the Pila Belvedere toward the Upper Cervo Valley
Oriomosso (Biella, Italy): Sanctuary of San Giovanni d'Andorno seen from the Pila Belvedere