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Culture, Entertainment and Fun in Milan and not only

What to do in Milan? What to see in Milan? What to visit in Milan? What about Milan by night?
These are the questions which often come to mind to the persons visiting the second city in Italy for tourism, or for work but with some free time.
The English version of this section is dedicated to these people and has the ambition to give them useful suggestions about where to go and what to do both during the day and in the evening. These pages contain therefore on one side a rather complete collection of useful links about the culture in Milan, a large catalogo of the art and history attractions, also of the ones which are not so famous and visited as they would deserve, and a selection of cultural events taking place in Milan.
On the other side there are also a list of bars, clubs, discos and other nice places where to spend the evening and proposals for your evenings. The nightlife events on this last page represent a good opportunity to spend your evenings and nights in Milan in the right place with the right people. If you like you can join us!
If you want to get added to the mailing list, in order to get prompt information about evenings, parties and all the other things we take part to, you can register and sign up for the newsletter, or you can simply send an email !

NOTE: Where the English version of a title or text is missing, the Italian one is presented!

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