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Guided Tours in Milan and around Milan

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele decorated for the 150th anniversary of the Italian reunification
Milan Italy: The Duomo
The Sforza Castle in Milan Italy
Milan Interior of the Basilica of San Simpliciano
Detail of the interior of the Basilica of San Vittore
Contrary to what many think, Milan, the second largest city of Italy, is not only a city of business and fashion, but also a city of Art, History and Culture. In the course of its long history (founded by the Celts in the fifth century BC, conquered by the Romans in 222 BC), the Lombard capital has accumulated countless monuments and buildings of artistic value, many of which have remained or, at least, have left traces until to the present day.

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The guided tours and sightseeings we propose can last few hours or can be complete day tours, and can be devided in three different categories:
  • Visits of the most famous monuments of Milan: addressed especially to tourists, Italians and foreigners.
  • Visits of the less known monuments of Milan: addressed to all those who want to know more of their city, but also to tourists particularly interested to Art and History.
  • Sightseeings outside Milan: on foot or by bicycle, aim to discover monuments and places of art in the province of Milan.
  • Bicycle guided tours: Are you excited to discover Milan by bike? With an exclusive guided bike tour our enthusiastic guides will lead you on two wheels to live the city. Not only visiting the main historical and artistic points, also the most unexpected and fascinating hidden places, the less touristic spots where the locals enjoy and live the city. Our tours will leave you pleasantly amazed.
    We'll provide comfortable bikes, fully equipped, and our love and knowledge of our city.
On request we can also create custom tours or sightseeings, calibrated on your interests and knowledge you already have!

It is also possible to pay in Bitcoin, currently only on Chain, soon also via the Lighting Network circuit!

Tourist guide Vera Chiozzotto The guided tours on this page are organized and managed by Vera Chiozzotto, tour guide certified by the Province of Milan, passionate about art and history, who will present you the peculiarities of the city of Milan, and allow you to discover the immense  hidden artistic value that a city like Milan, an important administrative and industrial center, was been able to preserve and enhance.

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Title Frequency
Aperitif on the NavigliOn demand
Guided tour of milan by bikeOn demand
Guided tour through the Old TownOn demand

Title Frequency
Detailed tour of the Duomo of MilanOn demand
Early christian basilicas in MilanOn demand
Guided tour of Sant'Ambrogio Basilica and MuseumOn demand
Guided tour of the Basilica of Sant EustorgioOn demand
Guided Tour through the Roman MilanOn request
Milan Fashion capitalOn demand
Milan Historical and Artistical TourOn demand
Modern Milan Architecture TourOn demand
The early underground Christian MilanOn demand

Title Frequency
Bicycle Tour along the Adda RiverOn request
Bycicle tour in AbbiategrassoOn demand

Titel Frequency
Aperitif on the NavigliOn demand
Bicycle Tour along the Adda RiverOn request
Bycicle tour in AbbiategrassoOn demand
Guided tour of milan by bikeOn demand
Milan Historical and Artistical TourOn demand
Modern Milan Architecture TourOn demand

Further Info

There are therefore a Roman Milan, a medieval Milan, a Napoleon Milan, in various points of the city you can still recognize structures planned by Leonardo da Vinci. The traces of the past, however, are not always easy to spot and recognize. Having always been primarily a manufacturing and industrial city, Milan has always seen, in all ages, strong transformations and changes its conformation that have often led to hide and confuse.

The rapid expansion of the city over the past 150 years has meant that buildings that originally were in the suburbs, or even out of town, appear now located in what is considered the Old Town. This is the case, for example, of the Castello Sforzesco, once he was actually on the borders of the city, A map of Milan in 1852 as one can see from the image on this page, taken from the "Nuovissima Guida del Viaggiator in Italia" (Newest guide of the traveller in Italy) of 1852. Similarly, many of those which until the first decades of the twentieth century were comunities on their own, are now quarters of Milan (Greco, Bicocca, Baggio, Bovisa, Niguarda, etc...).

For this reason, being able to recognize and reconstruct the past of Milan may not be easy for the untrained eye. Without the help of an expert there is a strong risk of looking without being able to see!

Milanofotografo offers the chance to discover the city and its secrets by proposing you guided tours where professional guides, certified by the Province of Milan, make your way through the city of Lombardy, helping you to recognize the traces of different historical periods and cultures.

Both in the case of the most famous monuments such as the Duomo, the Sforzesco Castle, Leonardo's Last Supper, the Sant Ambrogio Church, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the Teatro alla Scala, and in the case of the less famous, but nevetheless of great historical and artistic interest, ones (such as the Roman ruins, the Basilica of San Marco, the beautiful frescoes in San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, the buildings and the studies of the greatest Italian architects and designers, the residences of the great musicians of work, and more ...), the guides we work with will be able to explain the history and cultural significance with skill and precision, and without neglecting anecdotes able to make the story more engaging.

The page Treasures of art and history in Milan lists some of the many monuments of Milan, which do not enjoy the notoriety they deserve.