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Photography, cultural heritage, cultural and fun events in Milan, Italy, and web programming


Culture and Entertainment

Servizi Web e Fotografia

Milanofotografo is a web site made up by three parts, different in subject, but connected nevertheless.

The first part is completely dedicated to photography. In this part I present my shots I like most. Most of them were made with the Fujifilm s100fs, but part of the newer ones were made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2.
The section includes also a page which permits to create HDR free images auf line through the fusion of two or three pictures.

Culture and Entertainment in Milan (Italy)
If you are coming to Milan, for work or tourism, some of your questions could be What to see in Milan? What to visit in Milan? What about nightlife in Milan?
The second part is dedicated to these questions, with the aim to give tourists and other people comin to Milan useful information for their free time in the second city of Italy!
Regarding culture you can therefore find a selection of cultural events in Milan and around Milan.
The page Treasures of art and history in Milan represents the most complete photographic documentation of the many artistic and historical attractions of Milan. It wants to demonstrate that the capital of Lombardy is a real art city (and not only a city of fashion and shopping), with large cultural heritage, far more than just the Duomo, the Sforza Castle and the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery. For the ones who want to learn more we also propose guided tours in Milan and around.
You can also find a large collection of links regarding culture in Milan in general.
Regarding entertainment, there is a selection of bars, clubs and other locations. You can also regularly find proposed events, like aperitifs, evenings in discotheques and parties, where it is possible to take part to.
In case you want to go outside Milan, you can also find a (for the moment still rather small) selection of artistic, historical and naturalistic attractions near Milan.
Following the same philosophy also an other page has been added: Discovering the Biella area. It is about a little famous and less visited part of Italy, the Biella province, also very rich of treasures of art and history, as well of beautiful landscape and impressive sights.

In the third and last part I present the services I offer: dynamic web site creation in and event and location photography. This part is only in Italian.
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