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Through this website I have been involved since several years in the documentation, disclosure and promotion of cultural and landscape heritage of Milan, of the area around Milan, of the Biella area and of Italy in general.
It is an activity carried out on a voluntary basis and without a direct economic return nor public funding of any kind, which however requires not a few resources. Each documented asset needs a specific visit, which in many cases can take up an entire day, the processing of sometimes several hundred shots, which are then merged in groups of three or more to obtain the actual photo, in turn to be edited to obtain the final result. Then there is the research, possibly the purchase, and the study of the informative and bibliographic material necessary to be able to add adequate description. The latter must finally be translated into English and German, in order to allow promotion at an international level as well.
Then there is the time dedicated to dissemination on internet, focused on the diffusion of the most significant photos on the various social platforms. It should be emphasized this activity is not restricted on the most widespread ones, but on the contrary I aim to bet on emerging platforms in order to anticipate future trends.
Last but not least there are the costs of the equipment, which unfortunately is subject to a continuous slow turnover because of wear and damage.

If you believe this activity deserves to be supported, you can make a donation in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Enrico Engelmann


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