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Opening: Elena Chernyshova | Days of Night - Nights of Day

Foto 06/04/2019 - Opening: Elena Chernyshova | Days of Night - Nights of Day
Foto 06/04/2019 - Opening: Elena Chernyshova | Days of Night - Nights of Day
Foto 06/04/2019 - Opening: Elena Chernyshova | Days of Night - Nights of Day
Foto 06/04/2019 - Opening: Elena Chernyshova | Days of Night - Nights of Day
11/04/2019 - 05/10/2019: Exhibitions

Milan – On Thursday 11st April 2019 at 6.30 pm “Days of Night – Nights of Day”the first solo show in Italy of the photo reporter Elena Chernyshova will be presented at c|e contemporary.
The exhibition will show a selection of shots taken, between January 2012 and February 2013, to document the lives of the inhabitants of Norilsk, one of the largest cities of the Polar Circle located in Siberia at 1700 meters above sea level and with a population of 170,000 inhabitants.
Born in Moscow in 1981, the artist developed a passion for the photographic instrument during her studies at the Academy of Architecture. After exercising for two years the job for which she studied, Elena decided to quit it to start a 30,000 km bike trip. The journey, started from Toulouse, France, passing through Vladivostok and back, led her to cross 26 countries allowing her to get in touch with cultures and experiences far from her everyday life. 1004 days of travel that have enriched and tested her from the cultural and human point of view and that have allowed her to develop her investigative research based on the analysis of the living conditions of the human being and human ability to adapt, under particular political, economic and environmental conditions.For the Russian artist, photography is the instrument through which she can show us her vision of the world. The shots, with a documentary style, are sometimes raw and without filters, sometimes almost poetic, as if she wanted to smooth reality.
In 2011, Elena got the prestigious award, consisting of a fellowship, from the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation, in Paris, which focuses its activities on supporting the most innovative and original projects of young talents with the aim of promote cultural diversity and support and encourage new talent of the art world. Photography is now universally recognized as the main language of our age for the immediacy and speed with which it manages to touch the sensibility of the user and for the ability to make people reflect and spark debates. Elena Chernyshova has decided to use this media to tell what happens in the world through a documentary approach. The “Days of Night – Nights of Day” series shows us how life is in Norilsk, a city that can only be reached by airways and waterways only when navigation is possible. This town is in fact connected by a single road and a railway line to the port of Doudinka which opens the routes to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk allowing a contact with civilization. During the summer, from June to September, the Yenisei River opens its routes creating a connection between Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk that at the time of Stalin led to the Gulag and was therefore known as the “road of death”.

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OPENING: 18.00 - 21.00

Where: c|e contemporary - Via Tiraboschi 2