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Foto 08/07/2014 - Getsemani
18/12/2022 - 31/12/2023: Humanistic/artistic cultural events Exhibitions

Museo del Novecento presents “Getsemani”, a site specific project by Gabriella Ciancimino that narrates a visionary garden through signs and iconographies. The wall painting describes a multidimensional landscape without space and time. Thus, Getsemani becomes the place where men can awaken from the world's sleep to immerse themselves in the “Dream of Unity” with nature, recognising themselves as an integral part of it and not as an antagonist.
The exhibition is part of “Level 0”, the ArtVerona initiative in collaboration with fourteen Italian contemporary art institutions, which aims to promote emerging artists who have distinguished themselves during the fair and who are chosen and presented by each museum.
Gabriella Ciancimino's work, selected in 2020, reflects on the dynamics of “freedom of being”, which can be acquired by overcoming spiritual, social, cultural and political stereotypes. Thus, the artist draws inspiration by connecting her vision to that of rebellious minds from different eras: from Myriam of Magadala to Leda Rafanelli - Italian politician, anarchist and writer - with whom she shares dear themes such as integration and social ecology aimed at cultural change.
In her studio, Ciancimino processes libertarian print materials found in various archives around the world, Art Nouveau floral stylings by architect Ernesto Basile, botanical plates of plants from the Mediterranean area and a short poem she wrote on the role of the gardener, who does not cultivate a one-sided vision, but brings the earth closer to the sky. Getsemani metaphorically becomes a meeting point between different cultures: a garden in which local species coexist with those coming from Palestine landscape of early Christianity-along with stylized flowers taken from the frontispieces of some books published by Milan's Social Publishing House, founded by Rafanelli who, throughout her life, attempted to combine her anarchist thought with her spiritual research on Islam.


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Where: Museo del 900 - Via Marconi 1, 20122 Milano