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Bergamo: Bergamo

Foto Bergamo
Foto Bergamo
Foto Bergamo
Foto Bergamo
Foto Bergamo
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Places  of historical value  of artistic value around Milan (Italy): BergamoThe city of Bergamo is located about 50 km east of Milan and is divided into two parts: Bergamo Alta and Bergamo Bassa (High and Low Bergamo), connected also by a funicular.
Bergamo Alta (also known as Upper Town, or as, in the past, the city opposed to the suburbs) is a medieval town, surrounded by ramparts built in the sixteenth century. Bergamo is one of the five Italian cities, together with Padua, Ferrara, Lucca and Grosseto, with a fully preserved historic center still completely surrounded by walls which, in turn, have kept intact their original appearance over the centuries.
Bergamo Bassa is more modern, even if in reality it also has several buildings of ancient origin.

The most well known and visited part of Bergamo Alta is the Old Town Square, with the Contarini fountain, the Palazzo della Ragione and the Civic Tower (known as the "Campanone", Great Bell).
The buildings of artistic and historical interest in Bergamo are endless, and it would be impossible to list them all.

Bergamo is easily accessible by car (motorway A4) and with train.

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