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Places  of historical value  of artistic value around Milan (Italy): LodiTown of nearly 50,000 inhabitants 40 km southeast of Milan, Lodi was founded August 3, 1158 by Frederick Barbarossa, following the destruction of the ancient village of Laus Pompeia, former Roman municipium, Episcopalian seat and free comunity. During the Renaissance, Lodi enjoyed a period of great artistic and cultural splendor, having hosted in 1454 the signing of the historic treaty between the pre-unification Italian states known as the Peace of Lodi.

Lodi is rich in monuments, both churches and palaces. To mention, in particular, the Duomo (Basilica of the Assumption), the oldest and most important monument of Lodi, as well as one of the largest churches in Lombardy. Its construction was started on the day of founding of the city, and ended in 1284.
Furthermore there are the Civic Temple of the Blessed Virgin, an important Renaissance monument, the Church of San Francesco, pf the end of the thirteenth century, the Bishop's Palace, the Broletto Palace, the Bridge over the Adda river and much more!

Lodi is easily reached from Milan with both the Trenitalia trains and by car via the A1 motorway.

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