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Useful information and links regarding Milan, Italy : Public Transport

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The new Tariff System considers the city of Milan as the center of the Mobility Basin, from which the surrounding territory has been ideally divided into concentric crowns, each about 5 km wide; each crown represents a tariff zone to which an identification code has been assigned.

The city of Milan is included in a wider area that includes the 21 municipalities bordering it (go to the table) and the Rho Fieramilano station of the Line 1 of the underground. This area corresponds to 3 tariff zones and is identified by the Mi1 - Mi3 codes.

The tariff zones subsequent to the Mi3 are identified, according to their distance from Milan, with a growing code ranging from Mi4 to Mi9 (go to the table). Each municipality of the basin with all the stops and stations present in it is entirely and uniquely assigned to a single tariff zone.

3 zones travel tickets Mi1 - Mi3 allow you to travel:

on the underground lines 1, 3 and 5;
on Line 2 of the underground from Assago Milanofiori Forum and from Abbiategrasso Chiesa Rossa to Cologno Nord and up to Cascina Burrona included.
To travel from Milan to the stations of Cernusco SN, Villa Fiorita, Cassina de Pecchi and Bussero located in the Mi4 tariff zone, the 4 zones Mi1 - Mi4 are required, up to the stations of Villa Pompea, Gorgonzola, Cascina Antonietta located in the Mi5 area 5 zones Mi1 - Mi5 are required, up to Gessate located in the Mi6 area the titles 6 zones Mi1 - Mi6 are required.

The new tickets will be valid on the entire network managed by ATM and other private operators as well as on the sections of the Trenord railway network included in the STIBM basin area .

Ticket from €2.20
It is valid for 90 minutes from the first validation
You can make multiple trips on surface transport and also on the subway by entering, leaving and re-entering the turnstiles

Daily ticket
It costs €7.60
It is valid for 24 hours from the first validation
No limit on the number of trips

3 day ticket
It costs €13
No limit on the number of trips
Valid for 3 consecutive days from the first validation, until the end of the transport service on the third day, i.e. at 03.45 in the morning
For example: Thursday service closes at 03.45am on Friday. So if you clock in at 00:01 on Friday, you are still on Thursday service day, not Friday

Carnet of 10 tickets
It costs €19.50
Each ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the first validation
You can make more trips on surface transport and also on the subway
The carnet tickets cannot be used by several people at the same time

On which lines are tickets for Milan and surroundings valid (zone Mi1-Mi3)
On all ATM, underground and surface lines
On the M1, M3, M4 and M5 subways, tickets are valid from terminus to terminus
On the M2 line, from the center of Milan, tickets are valid no later than the Cascina Burrona station. Beyond this station another fare is needed. Tickets are valid on the rest of the line up to the terminus of Assago Forum, Piazza Abbiategrasso and Cologno Nord
On Trenord railway lines, including the S lines (those that cross the railway link)

For all further details, please refer to the page The new Integrated Tariff System of the Mobility Basin, the STIBM of the ATM website.

Complete map of Milan and its public trasport system lines
Map of Milan with all its public trasport system lines (edition november 2015)
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Center of Milan with public transport
Center of Milan with public transport
Full size image
Map of the center of Milan with public transport system
Map of the center of Milan with public transport system
Full size image
  • Autoradio Taxi: 028585
  • Yellow Taxi: 026969
  • Soc. Coop. Arl.: 0285871
  • Arco: 026767
  • Cooperativa Tassisti Associati: 023490809
  • Etaxi: 025353
  • La Fontana Soc. Coop. ARL Centro Servizi: 023492063
  • Taxi Blu: 024040
  • Taxi Malpensa: 0240099029
R lines of Trenord Milano[
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S lines of Trenord Milano[
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Passante lines of Milan
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Map of the Malpensa Express line