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Milanofotografo - About me

I started taking pictures when I was a young boy, using several of those film point and shoot with fixed focal length that were around at those times. But after a very short time I received as a gift the same film SRL used by my father, a Yashica FX3, a very simple camera with absolutely no automatism. The only great "innovation" was the possibility to evaluate the exposure directly through the lens!

I think there is still no better way to learn the basics of taking pictures then using a completely manual SRL. This because both the camera and development don't forgive any mistake, and either you understand how to act on the settings of the camera, or you loose all your pictures! From that point of view, it is much easier now!

Even now I tend to take pictures as if I still had in my hands an old manual film SRL. This means that I try to choose accurately framing and shot moment. I don't want to let the possibility of fast continuous shooting and of image cropping become a reason for becoming lazy!

In general in my pictures I try to capture beauty as I encouter it spontaneusly with my eyes during my life. This seems an easy task, but it is not at all! For example, one of the most obvious subjcts, sunsets, are very difficult to be shot! And in fact I have still to take the perfect picture of a sunset! Furthermore, beauty often appears suddenly and for short times, and it is not easy to be ready when this happens!
The pictures I take are therefore tendentially descriptive and documentary.

Enrico Engelmann



Cell. ++393477006387