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Milanofotografo - Dynamic Range Increaser

This page allows to merge two photos exposed in a different way, in order to obtain a final image more realistic than the initial ones. Although it is not HDR in the strict sense, as the result is equivalent to what you would get from a sensor with a greater dynamic range, I think it is possible to call it HDR in the broad sense, being this the acronym for High Dynamic Range.
For a description of the approach to the problem and for the instructions for this page look on the page (still to be updated with the shift correction and other things) Increasing the dynamic range by fusing two differently exposed pictures
The default values are the ones which proved to be the best in most cases!
Note: If you want to let the system calculate the shift using a customized rectangle, click once on the high lights picture to begin it and click twice to close it!
Attention: If you use too large pictures (like > 12Mp) it can cause an error!

Choose the High Lights

Choose Low Lights

Larger side length of the preview

Luminosity 1

Luminosity 2

Delta X: Delta Y:

High Light Image

Mixed Image Preview

Preview image

Mixed Image