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Milan (Italy): Johngrandee trio in concert

Milan (Italy): The dome of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele decorated for Christmas
Milan (Italy): Bicocca quarter by night with the Arcimboldi Theatre
Milan (Italy): Female portrait from far away
Milan (Italy): Johngrandee trio in concert
Milan (Italy): Jazz drummer
Milan (Italy): Jazz jam session
Milan (Italy): Two pinnacles of the Duomo at dusk with the moon in the background
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Date: 20/12/2010 Camera: Fuji s100fs Lens: Fisso - Fixed ISO: 200 Exposure time: 1/13
Aperture: 3,4 Focal length: 60mm Place: Milan (Italy) Subject: Johngrandee trio in concert
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Milan (Italy) - Johngrandee trio in concert