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Photographic gallery ' All categories' - Place: 'Cattolica (Rimini, Italy)'


All the pictures where shot in raw,either with a Fuji s100fs (developed with s7raw and mildly treated with noiseware) or with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 (developed with Silkypix and again mildly treated with noiseware).
The pictures are all in their original size, apart from automatic cropping connected to fine rotation, if necessary.
By clicking on the thumbnails you get the preview with the exif data, and also the link to the full size image.
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Only rekords containing (in Subject or in Place or in Notes) the key words:
Cattolica (Rimini): The sea at the free beach of the harbour
Cattolica (Rimini): End summer sunset
Cattolica (Rimini): End of summer sunset with pedalo
Cattolica (Rimini): Michele Pirro during the Acquabattle, preevent of the gp 2017 of San Marino
Cattolica (Rimini): Sunset with protective stoneborder
Cattolica (Rimini): Sunset
Cattolica (Rimini): Ships in the harbour
Cattolica (Rimini): The sea along the harbour promenade
Cattolica (Rimini): Colors in the harbour
Cattolica (Rimini): Beach, sea and clouds
Cattolica (Rimini): Young herring gull in flight
Cattolica (Rimini): Harbour of Cattolica
Cattolica (Rimini): Beach with artificial rocks
Cattolica (Rimini): Sunset on Portoverde
Cattolica (Rimini): Sunset on Portoverde
Cattolica (Rimini): The harbour of Cattolica
Cattolica (Rimini): Cattolica's harbour with storm clouds in the background
Cattolica (Rimini): Ships in the harbour of Cattolica
Cattolica (Rimini): Sunset on Portoverde
Cattolica (Rimini): The harbour after a rain
Cattolica (Rimini): Beach of Cattolica after the sunset
Cattolica (Rimini): Night sight of the canal between Cattolica and Gabicce Mare
Cattolica (Rimini): 0
Cattolica (Rimini): Young flying seagull
Cattolica (Rimini): Canal between Gabicce Mare and Cattolica at darkening
Cattolica (Rimini): 0