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Discovering the Biella Area Others: Biella

This page was created to promote a part of Italy little-known although rich in art and history treasures, as well in varied landscapes and places of natural interest. For personal reasons, I have accumulated a lot of photographic material, and I have therefore decided to propose it on this page.
Moreover Biella is not far from Milan, and from the point of view of a foreign tourist it can, at least in some cases, be considered near to it!
The Biella area should deserve a higher reputation, especially among foreign tourists. In a relatively small area you can find both highly urbanized areas and villages, both large and very small, sometimes almost uninhabited, but almost always very old.
The landscape is varied and ranges from mountainous areas, sometimes impassable sometimes more open, to the plains planted with rice paddies. Just south of Biella it is even present a moor, with its own specific name: "baraggia". The page has no claim to completeness, nor uniformity. The only criterion applied in the selection of mentioned items is to be worth of a visit and to be able to impress the discerning tourist!

More and more rekords are going to be added in the future!
Show all pictures of the section Photography of this web site which were taken in the Biella area!

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