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House Verdi

Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
Foto House Verdi -  Villas und palaces
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Milan - Villas und palaces: House VerdiMostly represented styles: Neogothic - Eclectic

From the page 'Institution' of the official web site of House Verdi Verdi:

On 16 December 1899, in a house in Via Manzoni 29 in Milan, Giuseppe Verdi instituted the Rest Home for Musicians - Giuseppe Verdi Foundation (Casa di Riposo per Musicisti - Fondazione Giuseppe Verdi), "in which people of either sex who worked for the Art of Music, who are Italian citizens and who find themselves in a state of poverty will be accommodated and maintained."
Unique in the world, the nursing home is considered the final masterpiece of the Master from Busseto, who dedicated the last two years of his life to this project, before his death in 1901 in his 88th year.

"Among my works, the one I like best is the Home that I have had built in Milan for accommodating old singers not favored by fortune, or who, when they were young, did not possess the virtue of saving. The poor, dear companions of my lifetime! Believe me, my friend, that Home is truly my most beautiful work." Thus wrote Giuseppe Verdi in a letter to his friend Giulio Monteverde.

At Verdi's explicit request, the Home was opened after his death, because he did not wish to be thanked by those who would benefit from his generosity.

The first nine Guests entered on 10 October 1902, the Master's birthday.

In accordance with its statute, the Home is open to "less fortunate musicians, those who were dedicated to the Art of Music as a profession", and, so far, more than a thousand people have lived there: singers, conductors, chorus members, orchestra players, teachers, and dancers.

In 1998, with the intention of mixing musicians of different generations, the Foundation proceeded to change its aims: in addition to hosting older musicians (which, in any case, remains the Society's primary objective), the Home has been hosting young, deserving, needy music students who are enrolled at music schools recognized in Milan.

The structure was built in neo-Gothic style by architect Camillo Boito, brother of the famous musician Arrigo, a friend of Master Verdi.
The complex includes at the ground floor a large courtyard in direct connection with the crypt where Giuseppe Verdi and his second wife Giuseppina Strepponi rest. On the first floor there is the large concert hall, with parquet floor and walls and ceiling decorated in eclectic style. Noteworthy also the chandeliers, with large crystal bowls.
The hall is flanked by two secondary rooms, one of which furnished in Arabian style.
On the ground floor there is the archive and the museum, with antique furniture and personal objects belongings of Giuseppe Verdi, including even the piano on which he learned to play the first notes as a boy.

The crypt's walls are completely decorated with colorful mosaics of Ludovico Pogliaghi. The tombs, made from Lomazzi, are simple and severe.
On one wall there two crowns reminiscent of the visit of Vittorio Emanuele III on 8 October 1901. At the suggestion of Queen Margherita was later added a plaque in memory of the first wife of the Master, Margherita Barezzi and her two children: "Sweet wife close to him in the early struggles of life, she made him father of Igino and Virginia, desired and cried still young." (From the page Verdi in Milan)

House Verdi also hosts valuable paintings, somehow related to the life of Giuseppe Verdi.

Casa Verdi is open by appointment.

If you are interested in a guided tour of this monument send an email!

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Piazza Michelangelo Buonarroti, 29, 20149 Milano
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