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GOING AWAY Tribute to Grazia Deledda

Foto 11/09/2016 - GOING AWAY
Tribute to Grazia Deledda
11/09/2020 - 11/10/2020: Scientific cultural events Humanistic/artistic cultural events Exhibitions

From September, 11 to October, 11 2020 the Mudec Museum will host Andando Via. Omaggio a Grazia Deledda, the first collective textile-artwork of Sardinia. With Maria Lai's original design, Grazia Deledda's literature and the hands of weavers from 25 textile workshops, the project has created what has been recognized as "the first project by the Sardinian textile production chain".

The project was conceived by Giuditta Sireus and supported by Regione Sardegna, 23 towns and many private partners. For the first time in Sardinian history, Andando Via involves 25 textile workshops in a collective art performance. The main purpose of this action is to safeguard the latest work of public art made by Maria Lai in 2011, in tribute to Grazia Deledda.

The monument rises not far from the "Chiesa della Solitudine" in Nuoro, where the remains of the Nobel Prize writer rest. In a wide field, the artist has placed 11 concrete pillars where she designed the silhouettes of the feminine protagonists from Grazia Deledda's books. The simple, strong black lines tell us about the characters' values and history.


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Where: MUDEC Museo delle Culture - via Tortona 56, CAP 20144 Milano