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paths of light

Foto 13/01/2020 - paths of light
Foto 13/01/2020 - paths of light
Foto 13/01/2020 - paths of light
Foto 13/01/2020 - paths of light
Foto 13/01/2020 - paths of light
29/01/2020 - 15/02/2020: Exhibitions

The Pisacane Arte gallery opens, Wednesday 29th January at 6.30 pm in via Pisacane 36 in Milan, the exhibition "Percorsi di Luce", personal exhibition by Francesco Cerutti.
In the selection of works on display, light, understood as a spiritual force, is the undisputed protagonist; the works of this artist are the result of a very deep inner journey. Through metallic touches of colour the light radiates from the work and therefore from the artist to the user, who is inevitably kidnapped.
Like mantras or prayers, Francesco Cerutti's works give off positivity, love, serenity, they are messages of peace, reflecting his calm and ascetic soul.
As a gift, the artist tries to spread this spiritual search outwards through his art.
Cerutti uses a mixed technique made of tempera and metals, such as gold and silver leaves; the surface of her canvases is always dense and material, on this tactile base.

the leaf is applied so that the work reflects the light and always changes its appearance according to the different lighting source.
For Cerutti this is a metaphor for man's journey to Earth: an alternation of light and shadow. When we are totally immersed in our righteous Dharma and follow the path of Love, we harmoniously reflect what our true nature and our highest potential is, but to reach this state of well-being we must pass through paths of light and shadow, as the artist represents in his works.
The use of colour is careful and harmonious, never casual, contrary to what can be imagined by superficially observing the canvases, every touch of colour has a symbolic meaning and the most intense spots, in contrast to the sparkle of metals, represent the difficulties of our life path. The message wants to be positive and urges us to react to the adversities of life, the spots are absorbed by the splendor of metals and the light that radiates from the canvas throughout the Spirit.
Cerutti associates metals with various pigments to create a feeling of well-being in the spirit of the observer.
The titles associated with each work are ascetic invocations, exhorting to peace and inner serenity, such as the one chosen for the work on the cover "May all my conflicts dissolve into the light", or mantras such as "Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu", which in Sanskrit means "May all beings in the universe be happy".
On display about 30 works, divided into 6 themes, which through chromotherapy, one of the passions of this artist, pervade us with different sensations. We therefore find the minimal theme, that of the stains, the blurred, the explosions of colour and the coloured backgrounds, in a degradè that tends towards metallic colours, a source of spirituality and luminosity.
Cerutti's works always evoke serenity, light, positivity, a sense of connection with the infinite Creative Source that is within each of us.

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Where: Galleria PIsacane Arte - Via Carlo Pisacane, 36, Milano