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Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo): Old Cemetery

Foto Old Cemetery
Foto Old Cemetery
Foto Old Cemetery
Foto Old Cemetery
Foto Old Cemetery
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Places  of historical value  of artistic value around Milan (Italy): Old CemeteryThe Old Cemetery or Chapel of the Cemetery of the Leg, was built in 1761, conceived as a church with three naves without a covering of the central nave, so that the natural light penetrates the space creating an effect of sublime joy.
The aisles, actually arcades separated from the central open area by low walls interrupted at half length and in front of the apse, are equipped with cross vaults. The side walls are inferiorly occupied by nineteenth-century tombstones, while the upper part is decorated with baroque frescoes characterized by bright colors and depicting the Stations of the Cross, four biblical episodes and a "Trinity, Saints and Purgative Souls" above the altar.
Many frescoes, and in particular those of the vault of the apse, are made according to the trompe l'oeil technique, to simulate balustrades, stucco decorations and various reliefs.
Another peculiarity is represented by the fact that on most of the tombstones on the walls are engraved real short poems in memory of the deceased.
For example, on the tombstone in Fig. 5 it is written:

Here rests
Alice Olinari
of years four
Died the 15 May 1881
Was born, smiled, died
But that smile
left desire
infinite, imperishable
in the souls
of her desolate parents
who very unhappy
with flowers and tears they put

At the top of the two pillars that delimit the entrance there are two statues of angels.

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Via G. B. Cucchi, 24058 Romano di Lombardia BG
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Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy): Apsis of the Old Cemetery
Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy): Frescoed interior of the apsis of the Old Cemetery
Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy): Old Cemetery