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Details about the bike guided tour 'Bicycle Tour along the Adda River'

Foto Bicycle Tour along the Adda River
Foto Bicycle Tour along the Adda River
Foto Bicycle Tour along the Adda River
Foto Bicycle Tour along the Adda River
Foto Bicycle Tour along the Adda River
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Starting from: Milan, Stazione Porta Vittoria (or any other station of the Passante Ferroviario railway). Train to Cassano d'Adda, journey time: 30 minutes (there's one every half hour). The bicycles can be accommodated in the dedicated spaces inside each wagon.

By bicycle from Cassano to Trezzo d'Adda.

Trezzo: we will visit the Castle of Trezzo, where Bernabo Visconti was imprisoned and then poisoned. The legend refers that the castle was founded by Teodolinda, queen of the Longobards. We will visit the beautiful Church of San Gervasio and Protaso.

Then we will stop at the hydroelectric power station of Trezzo, a splendid example of Eclectic architecture of the late nineteenth century, designed by the architect Gaetano Moretti. Located in a picturesque place, inhabited by swans and other aquatic birds.

We will then continue from Trezzo by bike until Crespi d'Adda on a beautiful trail that follows along the river, passing through wonderful landscapes and unexpected corners.

We will stop at Crespi d'Adda,an industrial village of the late nineteenth century, a famous UNESCO site. Exceptional historical evidence of a village created by industrial family to accommodate, near the factory, the families of the workers, providing them with modern accommodation, complete with garden, vegetable garden, multifunctional spaces. A real town complete with all the appropriate services.

In Crespi we will take again the bikes and ride along a scenic bike path that runs between the two rivers Adda and Martesana, passing between the wheels of mills, herons, testimonies of the rural life of the past, at the end reaching again Cassano, from which we will take the train back to Milan.

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