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Milan (Italy): Facade of the Waldensian Church

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Milan (Italy): Spring colors in the city center
Milan (Italy): The pink magnolia behind the Duomo in bloom
Milan (Italy): Dull spring day in a kiosk of the Umanitaria
Milan (Italy): Facade of the Waldensian Church
Milan (Italy): Entrance of the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery from Scala square
Castiglione Olona (Varese, Italy): Doorway
Castiglione Olona (Varese, Italy): Altar and apsis of the Church of the Most Holy Body of Christ
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Date: 22/03/2015 Camera: Panasonic DMC-G2 Lens: Lumix G HD 14-140mm ISO: 200 Exposure time: 1/320-1/200-1/125
Aperture: 4 Focal length: 28mm Place: Milan (Italy) Subject: Facade of the Waldensian Church
Notes: Fusion (obtained Using the page HDR on line on this site) of three pictures on a scale of 1.5 stops.
The facade comes from the Basilica of San Giovanni in Conca, of which unfortunately only the crypt remains.

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Milan (Italy) - Facade of the Waldensian Church