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Cadrezzate (Varese, Italy): Metcalfa pruinosa

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Milan (Italy): Funerary monument of the family Bocconi inside the Monumental Cemetery
Milan (Italy): Funerary monument of the family Campari inside the Monumental Cemetery
Milan (Italy): Motta Aedicula inside the Monumental Cemetery
Cadrezzate (Varese, Italy): Metcalfa pruinosa
Brebbia (Varese, Italy): Interior of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul
Brebbia (Varese, Italy): Back wall of the Church of the Saints Peter and Paul
Cadrezzate (Varese, Italy): Male Lagria hirta
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Date: 10/08/2021 Camera: Fuji x-s1 Lens: Fisso - Fixed ISO: 100 Exposure time: 1/250
Aperture: 6.4 Focal length: 115mm Place: Cadrezzate (Varese, Italy) Subject: Metcalfa pruinosa
Notes: Omopter of American origin accidentally introduced in Europe and found for the first time in Italy in 1980 in Veneto.
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Cadrezzate (Varese, Italy) - Metcalfa pruinosa