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Torre San Giovanni (Lecce, Italy): Sunset behind a rock

Torre San Giovanni (Lecce, Italy): Sand grashopper
Santa Caterina (Lecce, Italy): Fish just under the surface
Torre San Giovanni (Lecce, Italy): White lilium
Torre San Giovanni (Lecce, Italy): Sunset behind a rock
Baia Verde fraction of Gallipoli (Lecce, Italy): Sunset sun skewered by the lighthouse
Torre San Giovanni (Lecce, Italy): Sunset
Gallipoli (Lecce, Italy): First part of Gallipoli New seen from Gallipoli Old
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Date: 22/08/2011 Camera: Fuji s100fs Lens: Fisso - Fixed ISO: 400 Exposure time: 1/1200 (1/250)
Aperture: 5,3 Focal length: 400mm Place: Torre San Giovanni (Lecce, Italy) Subject: Sunset behind a rock
Notes: Blending of two pictures with 2 stops separation

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Torre San Giovanni (Lecce, Italy) - Sunset behind a rock