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Milan (Italy): Girl with hood

Milan (Italy): Two girls looking down
Milan (Italy): The new palace of the Region wrapped by low clouds
Milan (Italy): Two girls in a bar
Milan (Italy): Girl with hood
Milan (Italy): Girls in blue light
Valmosca fraction of Campiglia Cervo (Biella, Italy): The mountain over Piadicavallo
Piaro (Biella, Italia): Stony grounds and autumn woods in the High Cervo Valley
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Date: 31/10/2012 Camera: Fuji s100fs Lens: Fisso - Fixed ISO: 200 Exposure time: 1/8
Aperture: 4,5 Focal length: 85mm Place: Milan (Italy) Subject: Girl with hood
Notes: With external flash and lightbender

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Milan (Italy) - Girl with hood