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Candelo (Biella, Italy): Church of San Lorenzo

Date: 21/09/2015 Panasonic DMC-G2 Lens: Lumix G HD 14-140mm ISO: 100 Exposure time: 1/1600-1/1000-1/640
Aperture: 5.6 Focal lenght: 28mm Place: Candelo (Biella, Italy) Subject: Church of San Lorenzo
Notes: Fusion of three pictures on a scale of 1.5 stops.
The Church of San Lorenzo is very old, prior to year 1000. It was completely renowed in baroque style in the second half of the XVII century. The interiors are richly decorated, with gold Gli interni sono riccamente decorati, con prevaleand red as dominating color.
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Candelo (Biella, Italy): Church of San Lorenzo - Candelo (Biella, Italy)