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What to see in Milan: treasures of art and history

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What to see in Milan, the second largest city of Italy? What to visit in Milan?
Milan is often considered a busy and active city, full of life, but not beautiful and with only few artistic and historical treasures, particularly in comparison to other Italian cities like Florence and Rome.

This page wants to prove that also in Milan it is possible to find many monuments and buildings of great artistic and historical value. Unfortunately, often these beauties, which could be tourist attractions of first class, are very little known, hidden between modern buildings and shopping streets. Or simply located in areas off the most important touristical routes. Most tourists think that in Milan the only things which are worth a visit are the Duomo, the Sforza Castle, the Vittorio Emanuele Galley and the Last Sypper by Leonardo da Vinci. Often even many inhabitants of Milan know very little about the cultural heritage of Milan and they happen to be passed for forty years in front of churches and other historic buildings without knowing what treasures of beauty they contain.

The list of art and history attractions in Milan on this page is now very long, although some items are still missing. From the point of view of the photographic documentation, based only on until now unpublished photos, it is probably already the most complete in internet.
The more recent descriptions are rather detailed, while those inserted first are more superficial, but they are going to be brought in the future to the same standard as the more recent ones.

Note 1: The Duomo is not present here because it is not possible to freely take photos inside it, nor to publish them without specific permissions.
Note 2:Most of the pictures in this section were obtained fusing two or three differently exposed pictures using the algorythm contained in the page HDR on line.