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Merate (Lecco, Italy): Villa Confalonieri

Foto Villa Confalonieri
Foto Villa Confalonieri
Foto Villa Confalonieri
Foto Villa Confalonieri
Foto Villa Confalonieri
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Places  of historical value  of artistic value around Milan (Italy): Villa ConfalonieriVilla Confalonieri was built at the behest of Baron Enrico Confalonieri in the early twentieth century on a project by the architects Barons Bagatti Valsecchi.
The villa was the home of the noble Giuseppe Confalonieri veteran of the battle of 1848, known for having made the jewelery industry in Milan flourishing again.

The villa is accessed from Viale Garibaldi, an important access route to the town center, particularly for those coming from Milan.
A portico with three arches (Fig. 1), supported by linear columns, introduces in the important entrance hall (large picture) that leads into the main hall, which is particularly large, with wooden coffered floor and ceiling and embellished with a fireplace.
The rooms on the ground floor are decorated with Neo-Rococo decorations, particularly in the upper part of the walls and around the doors and mirrors. Both in colors and style they recall those present in the secondary halls of Visconti Palace in Milan.
Also note the numerous wrought iron details, in particular some chandeliers and the central window.
A large staircase (Fig. 4) leads to the first floor, originally occupied by private rooms. On one of the walls of the staircase is a large canvas depicting the family tree, with members of the family from the fifteenth century until the middle of the twentieth.
The top floor was instead intended, as usual, for servitude.

During the First World War the villa was inhabited by the nuns of the Order of the Ursulines who had left Milan for a quieter and less dangerous area.
The south-facing park is particularly large, covering an area of ??20,000 / 25,000 square meters.

The stables are located at the edge of the park, on the south side. They have direct access from a secondary road to allow horses and carriages to find shelter without "spoiling" the main entrance and the park.
Since 1973 the Villa has been the seat of the Municipality of Merate; it is part of the assets of the "Confalonieri Foundation" for the distribution of scholarships to students and graduates of the Milanese Universities.
The park is open to citizens and an animation center for young people is open at the stables.

Categories: Places of historical value of artistic value

Viale Garibaldi, 17, 23807 Merate LC, Italia
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