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Trezzo sull'Adda (Milan, Italy): Villa Visconti Crivelli

Foto Villa Visconti Crivelli
Foto Villa Visconti Crivelli
Foto Villa Visconti Crivelli
Foto Villa Visconti Crivelli
Foto Villa Visconti Crivelli
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Places  of historical value around Milan (Italy): Villa Visconti Crivelli
Villa Visconti Crivelli, located in a position overlooking the Adda river, has Renaissance origins. In the seventeenth century it becomes a villa "di delizia", i.e. a villa for holidays, relax and fun.
Initially owned by the Visconti family, passed from hand to hand it finally became the property of the Milanese Crivelli family. In 1860 Tiberio Crivelli gladly gave it to his brother, who seemed to appreciate it much more than he did. The noble Vitaliano Crivelli, born in 1806, is responsible for the art collection now exhibited in the Picture Gallery Crivelli, a small museum housed in the villa which boasts works from 1400 to 1800, including a very valuable Virgin with Child from the school of Leonardo.
The villa is currently owned by the Municipality Of Trezzo sull'Adda and also houses the Alessandro Manzoni Municipal Library.

The structure of the villa is very simple: in practice a single rectangular block with two floors plus a mezzanine. The facade facing the street is extremely sober. The one towards the river is a little richer, with the central section enriched by a large loggia (closed by windows in the nineteenth century) on the ground floor with three arches supported by paired columns in Baveno granite and three French windows with a frame and a balcony.
Note the eighteenth-century decorations on the vault of the loggia (large picture), which represent a large number of different species of plants and flowers.

As for the interior, the main staircase is certainly noteworthy, with a stone balustrade and leading to an internal loggia. The latter is closed by two columns in polychrome marble and in it there is a fireplace-mirror in neoclassical style (Fig. 4).
Behind the loggia there is also the hall of representation of the villa (unfortunately it was not possible to photograph it), characterized by large mirrors on the walls and stucco decorations and profiles in Rococo style. Above the doors are four eighteenth-century paintings by Luigi Scrosati.
The billiard room is also noteworthy. It was also not photographed.
Saloon and billiard room are however visible in the video inserted on this page.
In the part of the villa that houses the library, one wall is entirely occupied by the large canvas Encounter of Blind Oedipus with his daughters by Giuseppe Bossi (1777-1815) (Fig. 2)

The park of the villa is now a public park. In it, just near the entrance to the villa, some seventh-century burials are visible.

Video (in Italian) about picture gallery Quadrelli, about Vitaliano Quadrelli, to whom we owe the collection of works housed in the villa, and about Villa Quadrelli.

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Via Dante Alighieri, 16, 20056 Trezzo sull'Adda MI