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Carpignano Sesia (Novara): Carpignano Sesia (Novara)

Foto Carpignano Sesia (Novara)
Foto Carpignano Sesia (Novara)
Foto Carpignano Sesia (Novara)
Foto Carpignano Sesia (Novara)
Foto Carpignano Sesia (Novara)
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Places  of historical value  of artistic value around Milan (Italy): Carpignano Sesia (Novara)Among the towns around Novara Carpignano Sesia deserves a special mention, because it contains various attractions of artistic and historical value of different kind and of different epochs.

Taking the town's main square as starting point, a first mention goes to the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta (here picture 5, but click on the link to be transferred to the dedicated page, with a detailed description and photos of the interiors).
It strikes for the strong contrast between the outside, very simple and sober, and colorful interior, which almost stuns the visitor with a true cascade of colors, once the eye has become accustomed to the reduced light. Although of Baroque origins, many internal decorations date back to the early decades of the twentieth century.

Something special is then the Oratory of San Giuseppe (large photo on this page), formerly the private chapel of the noble family Perego - Pinzio - Lavagetto, owner among others of the adjacent building, which, tied by the last descendant of the family to the Parish, is now occupied by the rest home for the elderly. It is characterized by having a façade completely frescoed with figures of saints. Also inside there are frescoes and various paintings, unfortunately no pictures canbbe shown on this page, because until now it was not possible to visit the interior.

Like Candelo, also Carpignano Sesia is equipped with a "ricetto", i.e. an ancient fortified village core. Although smaller and less preserved than the more famous Ricetto of Candelo, also the ricetto of Carpignano Sesia is very interesting and contains many charming and characteristic buildings.
The jewel of the ricetto is represented by the small and very ancient church of St. Peter, dating the eleventh century and completely wedged between the houses, almost to not be recognizable as a church. The precious frescoes of the twelfth century in the interior have returned only recently visible, thanks to the restoration work.

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Carpignano Sesia