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Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy): Old Cemetery

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Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy): Interior of the apse of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta e San Giacomo Maggiore
Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy): Frescoed interior of the apsis of the Old Cemetery
Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy): Altar of the Christian Doctrine  in the Basilica of San Defendente
Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy): Old Cemetery
Milan (Italy): Staircase of honor of the Cloisters of San Simpliciano
Milan (Italy): Cloisters of San Simpliciano - Cloister of the Two Columns
Milan (Italy): Tiburium of the Basilica of San Simpliciano
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Date: 22/04/2019 Camera: Fuji x-s1 Lens: Fisso - Fixed ISO: 100 Exposure time: 1/250-1/125-1/60-1/30-1/15
Aperture: 3.5 Focal length: 24mm Place: Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy) Subject: Old Cemetery
Notes: Fusion (obtained Using the page HDR on line on this site) of five pictures on a scale of 4 stops
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Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo, Italy) - Old Cemetery