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Trezzo d'Adda (Milano): Trezzo d'Adda

Foto Trezzo d'Adda
Foto Trezzo d'Adda
Foto Trezzo d'Adda
Foto Trezzo d'Adda
Foto Trezzo d'Adda
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Places  of historical value  of artistic value around Milan (Italy): Trezzo d'AddaTrezzo d'Adda is a small town 40 km east of Milan and located on the river Adda. Rich in history, it offers both historical monuments, both fascinating sights and also includes an old hydroelectric power station, the Central Taccani station on the bank of the Adda river (see larger photo).
Easily accessible by car via the A4 motorway, it can easily be visited on foot in a day.

Things to visit are varied.
First of all the remains of the Visconti Castle, already object of contention between Frederick Barbarossa and the City of Milan (photo 2).
Then the Church of the Saints Gervasio and Protaso (photo 1), built in the fifteenth century and with decorated interiors in the Lombard style. Worthy of note, in particular, the Giotto frescoes in the chapel of the Crucifix.
Villa Gardenghi, in late Renaissance style (photo 5).
Just outside the city, along the river Adda, the Sanctuary of the Divine Maternity Discalced of the Carmelite Friars (photo 3).

Below the promontory on which is situated the old part of the city, there are various bars along the river, offering quiet and beautiful landscapes, ideal for a break from sightseeing.

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Trezzo d'Adda